Digital Marketing for CXOs
Learn how digital marketing can support your organization’s business goals and leverage fundamental marketing concepts in adopting a data-driven culture. This course is designed to help CXOs make informed decisions and strategize their online marketing efforts.
Program Features
Industry’s first course on digital marketing for leadership
Segmented approach to customer lifecycle
Metrics-based campaign evaluation
Delivery Mode
Online-Self Learning
This is a fully online self-paced learning course.
There are no prerequisites to take this course.
Target Audience
This course is best suited for leaders across industries, business professionals, leadership teams, and senior management.
Key Learning Outcomes
When you complete this Digital Marketing for CXOs course, you will be able to accomplish the following:
Understand your audience and evaluate customer lifetime value
Learn about RFM Analysis, attribution, and identify customer touchpoints
Understand the customer journey which is a starting point for acquisition conversion, retention, and expansion of customer base
Target your customer using advanced segmentation from personas and product thinking
Learn about the evolution of marketing over the years and understand how users interact with your brand through different technologies, social media, and tools
Course Curriculum