About Us
QICskills started out as an in-house service providing public training programmes in March 2018.
Rapidly transforming alongside the digital era,
we have made a space online for ourselves by providing
Online Webinars
Video Tutorials
With the expertise and the ability to educate under our belt, we host a variety of subjects for the working crowd to upskill and reskill themselves.
Our areas of expertise:
At QICskills, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide continuous learning support for our trainees, even checking up on them a month after their programme has ended. We believe that a little extra help goes a long way.
As we prioritise quality over quantity, our subject matter is only taught by experts who are leading in their respective fields within the IT World.
Global network of
2000 Trainers
Supported by
Developed by
Industry Advisors
QICskills provides all its trainees a 1-year access to the course content, online, this allows our trainees to harness the notion of continuous learning and use it to their arsenal against other industry competitors alike.
Our Live Online sessions are scheduled, periodically for all subjects which allows all our eager to learn trainees the exclusive choice to pick and choose what they would want to learn from a wide array of sources.
QICskills is constantly trying to increase the value of our courses because it is a core value of ours to ensure that our trainees learning outcomes is our main priority and that we produce the best of the best, quality trainees from our programme.